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Elonna's Silence on The Corner
09-18-2012, 03:21 AM, (This post was last modified: 09-24-2012, 12:59 AM by Elonna.)
Elonna's Silence on The Corner

I got to thinking about the below post I put up last week and realized that I did not give you enough information. As I do not want anyone to be stressed out over my absence, please see the updated post below:


I must apologize for my recent silence on The Corner. Over the past several months, many events have happened to our family that have had to take priority. The following is a few of the reasons why I'm so behind on The Corner and have not been readily available to you all here:

1. In case any of you were worried about this, none of us are sick, most especially not me.

2. My husband, Rob, has been laid off from work since the middle of June. We found out about the middle of August that his place of employment was permanently closing, we had no more sub-pay (extra weekly payment from the company due to a union negotiated contract) and that our insurance was ending as of 8/31. Great news to get about 10 days from this date. We had a feeling this could happen, but were praying/hoping for the business to be reopened under a new owner. My husband has worked at this mill over 23 years, my father and grandfather both retired from this mill, Rob's father and uncles worked and retired from there (except Rob's father who passed away at work one afternoon). So, this mill has been well established and productive to remain open this many years. At the time of its closing, it was making a profit in the range of 4 million to 10 million every month. We were all shocked that it was closed in the first place. However, the most recent owner had 2 other steel mills, both of which were massively losing money. The mill Rob worked in could not make up for their loss. So, the owner threw the entire business into bankruptcy. The bankruptcy judge ordered that our local mill be sold by auction within 50 days. This deadline did not allow sufficient time for an industry to get a working prospective in place to purchase it. On auction day, 2 liquidators showed up and the top bidder was awarded the mill. This mill employed around 1,200 men.

Rob has, of course, been seeking employment since the middle of June. However, at the age of 55, it is extremely discouraging to be in this position as well as not as employable as he would have been at age 35. He is a journeyman industrial electrician which is often referred to as "motor inspector". Unfortunately, he skilled trade does not include residential; therefore, he cannot step into the construction industry. Those of you who live in the US are aware that our economy is in the tank, industry is closing right and left, finding a new job is extremely difficult at the pay comparable to the skill set.

We are extremely excited that he was called on Friday last week and asked to come in for an interview on Monday 9/24 at 10:00 a.m. for an interview. If you see this note prior to this time, please pray with us that he find favor with the interviewer(s), that the job be in his skill set and that he be offered the position at a reason pay rate with benefits similar to what he had prior. Thank you!!

3. Part of the reason I felt the need to return to work is because of Rob's lay off as well as the fact that a bit of extra money at this time, helps fill in the gaps. However, returning to work has provided issues of itself as I have not worked away from my home since December of 2005. While it is usually for 2 days a week, these days are quite taxing on my body and my pain level has been greatly increased because of going back to work. With each passing week, I do believe that the job is helping my legs to get into a stronger position much more like my physical abilities prior to fracturing my leg and crushing my knee several years ago. At times it feels like I'm walking over 2 miles a day at work. Doing the amount of physical activity that is required for the job is taking me some time to adjust and for 1 to 2 days of the week, I'm icing down body parts and staying off them as much as possible as well as just not feeling up to doing much of anything. I'm sure this will change and leave with time -- it is just taking time.

4. Most of you know that I do a lot of my writing late at night. This is in large part because the house is quiet and I can really think about what I am writing and to help insure that I am giving out adequate suggestions. With my husband home right now, I find that I have no time to myself as someone (either Rob or our 2 girls that still live at home) are home. With the need to get adequate sleep because of working once more, I also do not have the luxury of working through the night and sleeping late into the morning any day of my choosing as I had before. So, I'm still having difficulty finding quiet time just for me as well as quiet time in order to work on The Corner.

5. Now with the changing of the seasons, my pain levels are increased with the up and down of the weather from damp/cold to warm/muggy, etc. As the winter season sets in more, this will change and get better as well.

6. Finally, one of our daughters is getting married in early December. Off and on through the earlier part of the year, we have been working on her wedding. We are now in the final crunch, so I'm a bit distracted by this.

While I realize I've promised this before, I will do my best to get everything caught up on The Corner at my earliest possible convenience.

As always, if there is an urgent matter, please give me a call. It is usually much easier to talk through an urgent matter on the phone. Take into consideration my work schedule is Mondays/Tuesdays. So, evenings those days after 7:00 pm would be best and not after 10:00 pm. The other days is catch as catch can.

Of Note: I've not taken the time to proof read this post. I hope there is not too many typos or misplaced wording./elonna
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